Game Online with Competitive Gaming

Register to game online with Competitive Gaming and earn money if your team wins League of Legends games. As more team members register the winning prize increases.

121 USD

Prize Money for the winner


Registered players

For only $5 you can enroll today to play League of Legends (LOL) professionally. This is a true form of online gaming where you don’t even have to leave your home. Our flexible time schedules give you opportunity to compete nights and weekends, even if you have a full-time job. Competitive Gaming is definitely worth it! Come on join now… Tell your friends and see the prize money increase as well, just the more reason to join as a group. More information on the process can be found on the bottom of this page. Otherwise please feel free to visit our blog.

Final Game for this League

For more information on how to take part and stand a chance to win, take a look at the following:

Step 1: Registration and Payment

Please fill in the registration form, either as a team of individual. We will send your invoice, which you can pay with EFT, credit card or Paypal. Once registered you can start competing in friendly games, you will need to be enrolled to play scheduled tournament games. The online gaming tournament will take place between registered teams and players / free agents (moving between teams).

Step 2: Join the tournament

Once registered, you can keep a lookout on our blog for scheduled games and tournaments. You can join the tournament by logging in to Battlefy by logging in to Facebook after clicking on the join game button on the blog. Be sure to be ready 15 min before the action or miss your chance to compete.

Step 3: Wait for management to assign your tournament code

Once you joined the tournament with Battlefy, management will be able to see who are valid users and who aren’t and assign the teams and rules needed as the group grows. This will take place 30 min before the game. Your tournament code will be available from the “Bracket” section in Battlefy, if you require any assistance, management will email it to you promptly in the 15 min you wait for the online game.

Step 4: Enter the tournament code in LOL

Once you have your tournament code, about 15 min before the game, you can choose custom game in League of Legends. Once you enter the tournament code in this section, you will be in the tournament and ready to play. Note: its your own responsibility to be on time. Keep an eye out on our blog for more information, match stats and game results.

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